While you're Hangry, roll your feet

The first half of the day is over and several crew members beat you to the front of the lunch line again. The studio teacher, crew parking security guard and the guy from film LA wearing a safety vest are all waiting for the bathroom.  Presently your back, knees and feet all seem to be questioning your life choices. Oh and your phone is dead.

This scenario has plagued us all, except maybe those that have their names on chairs.  So what is the best way to maximize the time while you watch the extra ask the caterer if the bread salad is gluten free?  Take the time to give your feet a break.

Add two tennis balls to a lonely gym sock and tie a knot in the end of the sock. Remove your shoes and roll the bottoms of your feet on your new massager that would cost you $60 at Hammacher Schlemmer.  Remember it is not a weapon.

Rolling out your feet halfway through the day has many benefits, including loose hamstrings, stretching the tendons on the bottom of your feet, and increasing circulation.  As a preventative measure, rolling out your feet at lunch can alleviate back pain and improve your generally disgruntled mood and defeated attitude.  So take some time to take care of yourself instead of watching the first round of craft service coffee congeal. 

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