Acupuncture FAQs


Does acupuncture hurt?

A lot of people think acupuncture treatments are similar to getting a vaccination over and over again. This is not true at all! Acupuncture needles are solid, not hollow like the ones you are used to, and some of them are as fine as the thickness of a human hair. I pride myself on using only top-quality needles for my patients, which allows the needles to be inserted gently and painlessly. The sensation is similar to having your eyebrows plucked or being bit by a tiny mosquito.

What conditions does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture generally has a reputation for resolving pain and inflammation. However, patients also find acupuncture effective for a wide range of disorders such as digestive issues, allergies, fertility, headaches, stress, digestive disorders and hypertension, and TMJ.

What can I expect from an acupuncture treatment?

Most treatments begin with a talk about your health and what is on your mind in terms of diet and exercise that week. If you are expecting a rushed 10-minute distracted exchange and a prescription, I recommend you find a different provider. I am designing a treatment as unique as you are, so the more information the better. The treatment itself takes about 35 minutes. Most people feel rested and relaxed after their visits.

How should I prepare for an acupuncture treatment? 

Remember to wear comfortable clothes to your visit so that you are able to relax. Avoid arriving to the treatment on an empty stomach, as you could feel weak and light-headed. Make time for yourself! Don't wedge an effective restorative treatment amidst the minutiae of modern life. 

What's the benefit of acupuncture ?

Throughout the centuries, acupuncture has proven to deliver a better quality of life, stress reduction, as well as faster healing times from injuries. All these elements enable patients to lead healthier, longer, happier, pain-free lives without medications and western interventions.

How often do I need to have acupuncture?

This all depends on why you are visiting, what your goals are, and your current health condition.  For conditions that you have had for a longer period of time, a longer course of treatment is recommended.

What if I am afraid of needles? What are my treatment options? 

Acupuncture is only one spoke on the umbrella of Chinese Medicine. Tuina (Chinese sports massage), moxibustion, cupping as well as herbal apothecary are all modalities that are equally effective for patients who would rather avoid needles.

How do Chinese formulas work?

Chinese formulas are a great partnership to an acupuncture session, and can enhance the positive effects of the treatment. 

What to expect from your first appointment

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